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CSIPL developed a responsive website for Prateek Group, provided SEO services
to increase their customer base.

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Real estate industry is a major contributor to Indian economy that is expected to form 13 per cent of the country's GDP by 2025. But with new rules and regulations imposed by the government through RERA and GST , it has been a difficult transition for the real estate developers. The worst effect of the new systems has been noticed in the representation and marketing of their projects, which made their websites outdated overnight.

Since this Act was imposed in 2016, most of the real estate websites had lost their attractiveness and appeal to its customers as the representation of the rendered images was also limited by RERA.

CSIPL was quick to calibrate its services and offer its real estate clients the best possible solutions for their presence on digital platforms . Be it the website designing, SEO, SMO, or paid advertising campaigns, the brands were represented in the best way, while sticking to the strict RERA guidelines.

For Prateek Group, we developed a fully functional dynamic website that is responsive through an array of devices from desktop to smartphone. Dedicated hosting and regular maintenance has also been taken care of by CSIPL team. The SEO services for Prateek Group has also been carried out by SEO team of CSIPL with the original content created in-house for the same.

By offering all these services, we strengthened Prateek Group's position in the digital landscape, bringing in more leads through search engine results. We also empowered Prateek Group by giving them access to their website admin panel, from where they can update latest images on their website, as and when they want to. Google Analytics username and password were also provided for SEO to check their position on SERPs.

Introduction of the Client

Founded in 2005 by Mr. Prashant Tiwari, a Civil Engineer by qualification, Prateek Group is a corporation of companies operating in residential and commercial sectors of the Real Estate industry. With high profile luxury residential projects like Canary, Grand City, and Edifice, and equally amazing commercial projects like Wisteria, Laurel, and Fedora, Prateek Group has established its name among some of the most successful real estate developers in Delhi NCR.

Need Analysis


The old website of Prateek Group was quite plain, static, and unattractive. The client needed a new website that could imitate the high class luxurious development that it offers. With old unresponsive website, the client was losing out on the smartphone and tablet using prospective customers. So, the website needed to be dynamic and responsive across all the devices. Also, since it was a product based site, the client had to get individual page created for each project, which added to the cost. Since the static website could only be updated by the professionals, even the change in the tiniest content/image was costing a lot.

Hosting and AMC

Apart from the design and development, the website needed to be hosted and maintained for the client.

Search Engine Optimization

The client required SEO services to get the website ranked and be visible among top results on the SERPs.

Project Online

The old website was wiped out and the new one was produced for Prateek Group from scratch, along with the dedicated hosting.

CSIPL also took charge of its regular maintenance and SEO. The salient features of this project are as follows:


  • An elegant website became more attractive to their prospective customers and improved the visitors' session duration on the website page.
  • Good website design also helped the client to tap the high society clients who were till that time looking at the competitors' websites.
  • The rendered images were set along with the real images of various projects in the layout to look more attractive, making it more appealing to the visitors.
  • By finding appropriate forms within easy reach, the client received numerous queries from prospective customers.
  • Being dynamic, the new website didn't need a lot of pages, separate for each project, reducing the cost of making the website.
  • The newly created website was supported by Content Management System (CMS), making it easier to edit, where the client could upload fresh images right from the construction sites to give the real-time view of the customers' homes. This further reduced the cost of updating little details on the website.
  • Having the new responsive website, we were able to increase the traffic on client's website as it had started coming from users using different devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  • Dedicated hosting was arranged for the client, making it live from the server. This helped the client to stay visible 24*7 x 365
  • The maintenance services were brought into place which continue to benefit the client till date.
  • Best SEO practices improved the ranking of the project on search results and brought more traffic to the website, which over time, boosted their sales considerably.


Expertise and experience are the pillars of successful completion of any project. At CSIPL, the respective teams are skilled, experienced, and dedicated, offering customized solutions according to the clients' requirements. The challenges don't waver the teams and therefore, even the most varied interests and expectations of the client are met with ease.

The same situation with Prateek Group was handled with utmost care, leading to a perfect responsive dynamic website with hosting, AMC, and SEO services. The client is getting benefits of our services till date and generating revenues for the investment they made. Our web designing, development & maintenance team, creative graphics design team, and Digital Marketing & SEO teams have provided various digital solutions to Prateek Group while reinforcing its brand identity with its customers.

We truly understand the changing landscape of real estate market and pain points of the developers. Needless to say, given our expertise and experience, we are the go to company for setting up the digital foray and providing digital marketing services for all real estate companies as we're well equipped with technology and teams to take on any challenge that slows you down.