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CSIPL developed a responsive website for DLF, provided SEO services to increase their customer base.

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CSIPL has been offering the digital needs of the Indian real estate market for over 15 years and has worked for some of the biggest names in the country. For DLF, we have developed nine operational, responsive, dynamic websites that have brought the company to the digital platform in a new light by complete redesign.

We developed websites for them and gave their customers an amazing user interface experience. CSIPL also provided Search Engine Optimization (SEO hereafter) services for the projects like DLF Mall of India, DLF Promenade, DLF Emporio and DLF Place Saket to ensure that they appear in the top results of the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs hereafter).

CSIPL is providing AMC service to DLF Emporio, DLF Sampark, DLF Emporio, and The Chanakya.

The Newsletter facility was also provided to these websites.

We enabled DLF by giving them access to the admin panel where the Website administrator can manage content/images on all major sections on the website. For SEO, Google Analytics username and password were provided to the client so that they can check their real-time ranking on the SERPs.

Introduction of the Client

DLF stands for Delhi Land and Finance, DLF is the largest commercial real estate company, founded by Chaudhary Raghavendra Singh in 1946. The headquarter of DLF is in New Delhi, India. DLF has developed residential and commercial properties in the Delhi-NCR region. The company's US $2 billion IPO in July 2007 was India's biggest IPO in history.

Need Analysis


The earlier website page of various DLF projects were not up to industry standards they looked static and unattractive. The client needed a new website that could reflect the high standards of designs and features on their website to make it more appealing and user-friendly. The client wanted the website to be responsive and dynamic across devices. The DLF corporate website was a project-based site; the client need had to get each page created.

Mobile Applications

Besides design and development, there few websites needed to be hosted and maintained for the client.

Search Engine Optimization

The client required SEO services to boost its visibility on the SERPs and be listed among the top search results.

Project Online

CSIPL had worked on various websites of DLF Group. The salient features of the projects are:.

CSIPL also took charge of its regular maintenance and SEO. The salient features of this project are as follows:


  • The user interactive and elegant website became more appealing to their respective audience and improved the visitor's session duration.
  • Efficient SEO service improved the ranking of these projects on search result and brought more visitor impressions to the website and that in turn resulted in a boost in the sale of their real estate projects. Our SEO team did the homework, by examining organic traffic search, into the existing analytics and with constant communication with the company.
  • The maintenance service was brought into place to continue to benefit the client to date.
  • The attractive, elegant website design and interface has significantly improved the traffic on the websites and further increased the query about the projects.


The team at CSIPL offered highly organized, committed, creative, and flexible in meeting the complex technical and design challenges demanded by the projects. All DLF websites were handled with the utmost care, leading to a perfect, responsive, dynamic, and attractive website with hosting, AMC, and SEO services.

The responsive design, fast loading, and easy navigation options worked great to bring new customers.

CSIPL designed a website as per the client's recommendations and they were more satisfied with the positive result that the website ensured.

Given our experience and expertise, we are the go-to company for digital marketing and development of digital foray for your company.