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Google Analytics Users Plagued by Referral Spam Surge from Poland
February 28, 2024 #Web Analytics

Google Analytics Users Plagued by Referral Spam Surge from Poland

Google Analytics users worldwide are grappling with a sudden deluge of fake referral traffic originating from Poland, inundating their data with misleading statistics and disrupting analytical insights. The surge, which commenced around February 17th, has prompted a flurry of complaints from site owners, triggering a discussion frenzy within the Google Analytics Help Forum.

Amidst the growing chorus of grievances, numerous threads have emerged within the forum With over a thousand posts documenting the issue, it's evident that the problem is pervasive and demands urgent attention from Google's GA4 Team:

In this instance, websites are being bombarded with traffic purportedly emanating from Polish domains, a tactic aimed at skewing analytics data and misleading site owners.
Among the litany of complaints, several specific domains have been identified as major perpetrators of this spam onslaught. Websites are reporting an influx of fake referral traffic from domains such as:


and more. These domains, though seemingly innocuous, serve as conduits for the dissemination of fraudulent traffic, undermining the integrity of website analytics.
In a bid to stem the tide of fake traffic, vigilant site administrators have resorted to blocking the IP addresses associated with the spam attacks. A list of identified IP addresses, including:

has been circulated within the community as part of a collective effort to mitigate the impact of the spam surge.
However, as the perpetrators adapt their tactics, it's clear that a more comprehensive approach is needed to effectively combat the menace of referral spam. While interim measures such as IP blocking provide temporary relief, a long-term solution necessitates proactive intervention from Google's GA4 Team to implement robust safeguards against spam attacks.
In the absence of a definitive resolution from Google, the affected community remains steadfast in their resolve to thwart the spam onslaught. As new battle tactics are devised and shared within the community, site owners are urged to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their analytics data against manipulation.

How to Fix Referral Spam Traffic Spikes in Google Analytics

How to Fix Referral Spam Traffic Spikes in Google Analytics 4

To effectively resolve the persistent issue of referral spam from Poland infiltrating Google Analytics accounts, site owners must implement a comprehensive strategy to block harmful sites and IP addresses. Here's a detailed guide on how to safeguard your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data:

Blocking the Referral:

Blocking the IP Address of the Harmful Site:

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It's important to note that while this approach offers a potential solution for addressing the issues caused by referral spam, it may not be suitable for every situation. Site owners should remain vigilant and adapt their strategies as needed to effectively combat spam traffic and preserve the integrity of their analytics data.