How Web Design is Driving Business Growth

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How Web Design is Driving Business Growth

Your website is not a vanity project, it is a real marketer that sells your products and services. This calls for both its design and functionality to be carefully optimized. Welcome to the world of "Smart websites" that are intuitive and work on continuous evaluation system.

The first impression

Website is the digital face of your business. People will recognize your products and services through your website. Hence, it is imperative to have a beautifully designed and developed website that can drives business growth.

How does it affects us?

It is important to keep in mind that the website is not a vanity project, it is a real marketer that sells your products and services. Both the design and functionality of the website affect the response of the user. So, if your website is intuitive, it will offer the solutions to the queries of the visitors as they ask, without badgering them with the forms to be filled.

Getting Down to it

Growth driven website design opening up new possibilities of continuous improvement and therefore, more user-oriented approach needs to be taken while developing a website.


A website that seamless loads well across all the channels and devices is the one that win the most visitors. Adding heavy videos and animations can cut down the loading speeds.


But when they arrive what would they see and experience? This is as important as the website itself. So the design needs to be attractive. And always remember, less is more in a website. Simple sleek and consistent designs are more attractive to the visitors as they are less confusing and less distracting.


The layout of the website should be simple and the UX/UI, user-friendly. The instructions to navigate the websites should be clearly mentioned so that the user can reach where they have to, easily.

Also, mobile experience should also be just as smooth.


Although your website is itself a marketing asset, more assets are needed to further enrich it. These could be Emails, newsletters, blog posts, logos, images, videos and podcasts. These help you develop a relationship with prospective customers.


The best way to get your website into the plain sight of the visitors is to optimize the website pages. Best SEO practices help you achieve the goal of bringing your website on to the first page of the SERPs.


In the battle of Traditional Website vs. Growth-Driven Website, the Growth-Driven Website takes away all the prizes in the form of conversion. So, it is a good idea to let go of the older notion of website make-over every 2 years and embrace the continuous development system for your website to be up to date any time the visitor visits.



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