Top 5 Upcoming Web Design & UI Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

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Top 5 Upcoming Web Design & UI Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

A website plays a crucial role in the success of your business hence, it should provide better and uninterrupted digital experiences to its visitors. If your website is not optimized for the latest UI/UX trends and fails to provide smooth digital experiences to your users, it can negatively impact your success. But how can you keep up with your customers expectations? By regularly optimizing your website and following the latest UI/UX practices, your website can truly shine.

CSIPL, a leading website development company in Delhi NCR, designs websites using the latest and top trends that are new and provides companies with websites that are better than their previous versions. Lets discuss the top 5 web design and UX trends to watch out for in 2022.  

1.Comfortable Colors

Users do not like very shining and glowing colors when browsing a website. Hence, soft and comfortable colors will be in trend. Soft colors like wholesome greens, pastel, blues, warm browns, or light pinks make your website more comfortable to look at and naturally cause calm and relaxation. This website design trend will be in focus as designers will be more concerned with comfort and overall user experience instead of focusing on drastic innovations.

2.Dark Mode

One of the most important trends, which are increasingly becoming popular among web designers, is the integration of dark mode. This web design trend already kicked off in 2020 with the popularity of dark mode. The main advantage of the dark mode is that it reduces eye strain & provides a stylish look to the website.

3.3D Design

The 3D design gives real-world feelings to your website. Unlike 2D images, the 3D design offers better user engagement where users can engage with your products and services interactively, creating a memorable experience. You can create something attractive and unique with 3D graphics, as there is still a lot of room for exploration and growth in this area.

4.VR & AR Experience

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are simply the next big things in the technological world. Websites offering virtual reality and augmented reality experiences will attract more visitors than static sites. Companies like Airbnb, Lenskart, etc. are offering VR experiences to help people feel the products before buying them. 

5.Voice Search

Voice search is gaining popularity on Google search. Therefore, websites need to design their interface keeping this in mind. Voice-activated interfaces allow users to quickly navigate through the website and help businesses to take benefit of voice search and better SEO rankings. Voice-activated interfaces are still at an early age and soon it will become an important part of web designing.


These are some of the emerging web design trends that we will see in the future. If these trends look exciting to you then CSIPL, the best Website Development Company in Delhi, has got this covered. Contact us today and we can help you move ahead of your competitor with a website equipped with the latest and unique features.



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