Top 5 Local SEO Tips For Multiple Locations

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Top 5 Local SEO Tips For Multiple Locations

Local SEO means improving a business brand and website ranking for online searches in a particular area. Businesses do not operate in a single location they serve customers in more than one location. Hence, in case your business has a presence in many locations, you will require a different approach to local SEO. Your business is present in how many locations?

Lets have a look at the top 5 local SEO tips SEO companies in Delhi offer for businesses with multiple locations.

1.       Geo-optimized Landing Page For Each Location

The first step to improve your website ranking for multiple locations is to build a geo-optimized landing page for each location. Geo-optimized landing pages are web pages that focus on a particular location. Whether your business is present in two or more locations, it would be better to develop a geo-optimized landing page for each of them. When Google plods a geo-optimized landing page, it connects your business with that location.

  1. Use of Single Domain

Though building multiple geo-optimized landing pages for each location is a good step, you should not change your websites domain. It would be a prudent step to stick to a single domain as using multiple domains can be harmful. Search engines understand domains as individual websites. Hence, using many domains means many websites, some of which may have duplicate content.

Keeping a single domain reduces the risk of redundancy and makes it easy for search engines to crawl your website. They wont have to go through multiple domains and will only have to crawl a single domain that contains all of your geo-optimized landing pages.

3.       Create a Basic Sitemap

Sitemaps are helpful in all types of SEO, especially for local SEO that involves multiple locations. Hence, you should create a basic sitemap for your business website as it will lead search engines to all of your geo-optimized landing pages. Once a basic sitemap is generated, upload it to the home or root directory of your website.

4.       Build Offsite Citations For Each Location

Offsite citations are listings for your business published on other websites. They are the most notable local SEO factor. Building offsite citations for each location can result in higher rankings for sales-driven local searches. Hence, do not forget to build offsite citations for each location. 

5.       Include All Locations to Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB), a multichannel directory comprised of local business listings, is Google marketing platform for local businesses. Google presents these listings in its search results. When customers perform a local search, they see your business GMB listing. Hence, if you have already made a GMB listing, you should add all your business locations to it.


Local SEO for multiple locations needs a different approach. If your business is present in many locations, then you must optimize your business brand and website to rank for searches in different locations. You can optimize local SEO for various locations by developing geo-optimized landing pages, adhering to a single domain, creating a basic sitemap, making offsite citations, and adding all of your business locations to the Google My Business platform.

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