Social Media Marketing for Indian Market

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Social Media Marketing for Indian Market

One cannot deny the growth of social media marketing for any start-up or even well-established companies. Social media is rapidly becoming one of the most imperative aspects of digital marketing, which provides absurd benefits that help to get in touch with millions of customers worldwide. And if you are not using this profitable source, you are missing out on an implausible marketing opportunity, as it makes you easy to spread the word about your product and your mission.

Why Social Media Marketing is Must for Every Company in India?

The scope of social media in India is immense and increasing rapidly. A survey in 2019 which includes the top companies admitted that 15-20% of their marketing budget is allocated for social media marketing. From there, it is understood the importance of social media in brand advertising.

Audience Targeting

Traditional marketing was not able to target a specific audience with its demographics and details. Today with the emerging trends of social media marketing, there are so many personalized methods to target the audience.

Emergence of Smartphones

Each passing day, the number of smartphone users are increasing and as per the report by 2019, the number of mobile phone users will be 5.07 billion. The smartphones allow customers to get connected with the business anywhere and anytime.

High ROI and Less Cost

Social media marketing provides a high ROI with very less investment. This is the reason small and medium scale organization relies on social media for their marketing methods. The social media marketing process focuses on social networks and applications to publicize brand awareness or to promote specific growth.

Triggers Brand Authority and Loyalty

A well-planned and well-executed social media strategy could create wonders in building a loyal customer base. Various potential customers are often attracted to the feedback shared by existing customers and thus a business needs to keep they engaged with timely activities on the social media pages.

Availability of Technology at Affordable Rates

In India, every business can get access to social media marketing technologies at affordable rates as compared to other markets.

Steps Involved in Social Media consultancy

  • Brand target audience
  • Social media feasibility
  • Media buying budget
  • Outreach measurement and content strategy
  • Brand communication plan for various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and many more.

Be aware, as you will need to continually reassess your marketing strategy and plan. The Indian socio-economic environment is constantly evolving and changing, which in turn impacts on consumer choices. You should be particularly mindful of factors.

Unquestionable your business can reach the next level with the help of social media agencies to promote your company. Cross Section Interactive Private Limited (CSIPL) is one such premier digital marketing agency in Delhi-NCR that offers brands with effective social media marketing services. We create and manage top-performing social media campaign for the businesses with the help of our social media marketing experts. We make use of all the latest technologies and trends for Social Media Marketing of your business.

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