How can you use Digital Marketing to Boost Bengaluru's Real Estate Market?

Digital Marketing
How can you use Digital Marketing to Boost Bengaluru's Real Estate Market?

The real estate sector in Bangalore has progressed very rapidly over the last few years. The increasing millennial working population in the Silicon Valley of India has contributed significantly to the growth of the real estate market. Since, Bangalore is home to over 5.99 million internet users, it is apparent that Bangalorean are using the internet heavily to research before buying anything, especially properties.

Hence, along with all other industries of the world, the real estate sector has also found a new way to boost sales and ROIs in the form of digital marketing. According to a recent survey by the Dentsu Aegis Network Digital Report 2019 &ldquoDigital advertising in India is set to grow at 31.96% CAGR, with the market set to expand to Rs 24,920 crore ($3.52 billion)".

Now, the important point is - how can digital marketing help in boosting the real estate market in Bengaluru? Let's find out.

Why do real estate marketers choose to go digital?

Hence, it comes in handy for realtors to make their online presence felt among them and a well-designed digital marketing strategy helps in achieving that purpose.

  1. By going digital, the marketers enjoy more visibility and outreach to the global audience.
  2. Targeted approach of marketing allows them to reach the right demographic.
  3. They receive personalized requests from interested prospective clients, which means, more genuine leads.
  4. With the scope for one-to-one conversation, the lead conversion rate is higher than any other medium.
  5. They minimize their expenses on conventional marketing while improving their reachability and effectiveness.

Tips for effectively using digital marketing to Get Desired Result

  • User-Friendly Website and Mobile applications: The very first step to make your online presence stronger is to have a user-friendly, fast and efficient website. A well-structured and responsive website design gives a good impression of your business to customers and it builds trust among them. Further, apart from a website, you can promote your business through a mobile application. A mobile application with a good user interface will enable buyers to connect you smoothly.
  • Digital Marketing and SEO: In addition to user-friendly website and mobile application, SEO is equally important to drive traffic to your website. When SEO is done in the right way, your website will rank higher on the search engine result page. So, it is important to focus on SEO to be visible online and reach the bulk.
  • Social Media Optimization: SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a way to promote your business on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. You can connect with prospecctive customers through Organic SMO by merely being active on these platforms without paying any amount, but Paid SMO is very helpful in increasing the audience for your business. You can run paid social media campaigns on almost all platforms to promote your product or service and the amount will be charged on per day basis. 
  • Quality Content and Blogging: Blog and content are at the core of digital marketing to attract audiences and engage them. High-quality and relevant contents attract traffic to your website, and you get higher rank in search engine. So, it is vital that you regularly update contents that are relevant for buyers and answer their questions.
  • Paid and Organic Campaigning: Campaigning is one of the effective ways to reach potential buyers. Various campaigning methods such as emails, videos, social media campaigning, etc. can help you connect with new customers and provide you some leads. For any brand, online engagement is an effective tool that builds trust and loyalty among buyers.
  • Paid Advertisement (PPC): Pay-per-click is an outstanding digital marketing strategy to generate new leads as companies must pay for every click on their ad. PPC is an excellent tool for realtors while looking for potential clients as PPC ads target those individuals who have searched for the relevant keywords on Google or somewhere else.
  • Podcasts, Webinars and Online Workshops: Sharing your prowess as a real estate developer is important for fruitful and successful digital marketing. With techniques like podcasts, webinars and online workshops, you can easily reach out to masses and make your presence sound in the industry.

With the increased competition among realtors, more and more real estate companies are shifting their marketing strategy towards digital platforms to leverage the opportunities available in Bengaluru's real estate market. Various government reforms like RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), GST, etc. enabled the sector to improve in a positive direction while effectively controlling the quality of content on their digital platforms.

However, there's a huge competition among realtors in Bangalore, therefore, you need expertise in gaining traffic to make your online presence felt among masses without compromising on the regulations set by the Indian government.

Cross Section Interactive Pvt. Ltd. is an expert when it comes to finding digital marketing solutions for real estate industries in Bengaluru. Serving the real estate industry with expert digital solutions for over 17 years, CSIPL has gained the experience that allows the clients to display assets at their best, while being true to their word.  At CSIPL, we provide all digital services, viz. website and mobile app design and development, dedicated hosting and AMC of website, E-commerce solutions, paid advertisements and campaigns, digital marketing services like SEO, organic and paid SMO, etc. to help you establish your business online, reach the right demographic, and receive bumper ROIs.



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