Five Technologies to Watch Out for SMO in 2020

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Five Technologies to Watch Out for SMO in 2020

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the use of social networks to manage and increase the online presence of an organization. It is a part of the Digital Marketing Strategy which is used to increase awareness about products and services offered by a company. Different types of social media channels that can be used for promoting products and services are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, and Twitter, etc.

Marketing strategy is changing with each passing day. With technological advancements and changes in consumer behavior, it is very hard to predict the future trends of digital marketing as well. But if we look at the changes that are happening currently, it is possible to get some idea and the future trends of Social Media Marketing Strategy.

  1. Optimize SMO With Automation

The growing importance of automation in digital marketing cannot be overlooked. Companies are amending their advertising budget and increasing resources to implement automation in their digital marketing strategy. They will use virtual assistants and various automation tools to capitalize on their resources and budget. A decisive use of automation marketing tools will help the companies to fairly compete with others.

  1. Video Content and Podcast Will be The Game Changer

Because of increased internet usages and a higher number of smartphone users, video content and storytelling through podcasts could be game-changer for companies. This strategy will particularly appeal to the youth. Through live video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it will be easier to connect with potential customers directly. Further, the podcast will replace the blog as more and more people are interested in listening to stories than reading a blog. Hence, podcasts will become the new blog for younger generations.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will enable companies to follow their customer's behavior and approach them accordingly. These technologies will form a new platform for communication that will foster the growth of social media marketing. Hence, it will be important how companies will make most of it in the coming time.

  1. Data Analysis and Machine Learning (AI)

Every day billions of users go online for different types of needs and a huge amount of data is generated. With proper analysis of data generated by the users can be very useful for companies to boost their sales and increase their revenue. These data about users and their activity will allow organizations to send personalized messages with various offers.

Additionally, with the help of AI enabled robots, companies will be able to provide better customer service experience.

  1. New Ocular Technologies

With the advent of drone cameras, 360-degree video application augmented reality, etc. will keep the user in action mode. These technologies will enhance user engagement with products and in turn, will provide better customer experience. These technologies can be implemented in real estate, health, architecture, etc. sectors.


Everyday technology is changing, and these are some of the emerging technologies which can be implemented in the coming time for impactful brand marketing. The growth of Social Media Optimization hinges on adopting new changes occurring in the industry. Hence, to run your business successfully and get better ROI, it is important to consider implementing these new and emerging technologies.

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